Lip Inflammation – for patients (Humans)


By David F. Murchison, DDS, MMS, Clinical Professor, Department of Biological Sciences;Clinical Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas;Texas A & M University Baylor College of Dentistry

With inflammation of the lips, the corners of the mouth may become painful, irritated, red, cracked, and scaly. Cheilitis may result from a deficiency of vitamin B2 in the diet (see Riboflavin Deficiency), but this deficiency is rare in the United States and can be treated by taking supplements of this vitamin.

Most commonly, skinfolds and irritated skin (angular cheilitis) may develop in the corners of the mouth if the person

  • Has dentures that do not separate the jaws adequately
  • Has worn down the teeth excessively, resulting in less space between the upper and lower teeth

Treatment consists of replacing the dentures, which helps reduce the folds at the corners of the mouth, or restoring proper tooth size with partial dentures, crowns, or implants.


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